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International Literacy Day: Landmark College Students Hold Panel Session, Discuss Link Between Parental Negligence and Students' Misconduct
September 14, 2023 at 3:00 PM
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In a thought-provoking event to mark this year's International Literacy Day, students at Landmark College, Ikorodu, engaged in a panel session addressing the crucial issue of the connection between parental negligence and students' misconduct.

This session shed light on various perspectives and opinions regarding parental negligence and students misconduct.

The event, held on Thursday September 28 2023, commenced with an insightful opening speech by Timothy Adegunle, the programme coordinator and head of the humanities department at the college.

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He emphasised the significance of International Literacy Day, an annual celebration initiated by UNESCO to promote strong reading habits among students.

The school principal, Sanni J.A, added his voice to the event, urging students to take their reading journals seriously.

He stressed that reading journals were introduced not only to foster a passion for reading and writing but also to encourage originality in summarising stories.

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The highlight of the event was the panel session titled "The Role of Parents in Students' Misconduct," moderated by SS3 student Precious Akinwande.

The panel consisted of Muizat Bakare, Nifemi Ajayi, Semilore Arulogun, and Olashina-Sadiq Yanmife, each offering distinct viewpoints on the issue.

Nifemi Ajayi argued that students' misconduct often stems from improper upbringing due to parental negligence.

He firmly asserted that "almost every instance of misconduct can be traced back to this root cause."

However, Muizat Bakare, the college head girl, took a different stance. She contended that "parents should not always be held accountable for students' misconduct," emphasising that "despite parental efforts, some students may choose a wayward path, ignoring warnings and cautions."

Semilore Arulogun identified peer pressure as a significant factor contributing to students' misconduct. He noted that "many students tend to imitate their peers," citing examples such as involvement in examination malpractice.

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Olashina-Sadiq Yanmife countered these arguments, emphasising that there are exceptions to every situation.

"Not all children succumb to peer pressure," she observed. She encouraged parents to instill moral values in their offspring.

Nifemi Ajayi also pointed out that some parents exacerbate the problem by constantly comparing their children with others, which can lead to low self-esteem and persistent bad behavior.

Semilore Arulogun observed that some parents prioritise giving their children what they want rather than what they need, contributing to their misconduct.

On the question of whether work schedules played a role in parental negligence, Yanmife maintained that some parents simply do not prioritise their children's needs.

In terms of solutions, Nifemi Ajayi proposed that parents should dedicate more time to their children, especially during weekends, fostering a stronger bond and sense of responsibility.

Kamaldeen Awotubo, the school head boy, added that "parents typically do not neglect their children intentionally but should ensure they provide for their basic needs."

The panel session provided a platform for a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives, shedding light on the complex issue of parental negligence and its implications for students' misconduct.

It was an engaging and thought-provoking program that encouraged dialogue and reflection on the role of parents in shaping the behavior of their children.