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Landmark College Organises Two-Day Training to Empower Teachers with Real-Life Teaching Strategies and Leadership Skills
June 13, 2024 at 11:00 PM
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Landmark College, Ikorodu, organised a two-day training session for its teachers on Monday, June 10, and Tuesday, June 11, 2024. The training focused on making teaching relevant to real-life situations.

The college Chairman and CEO, Mr Isiaka Oyebamiji, opened the training. In his address to the staff, he stated that the training aimed to equip teachers with pedagogic skills to enhance their classroom teaching.

Referencing the college vision and mission statements, Mr. Oyebamiji emphasised that teaching goes beyond merely passing examinations, stressing, "Learning will only take place when classroom instruction is relevant to real-life situations."

"A comprehensive education that shapes students mentally, physically, morally, and spiritually is the priority of this college.

"Therefore, all teaching activities must be aligned with promoting and realizing the college vision and mission," he said.

He encouraged teachers to always strive for the best from their students and ensure they facilitate understanding.

Mr Babatunde Kolade, CEO of XGEE Consulting, facilitated a training session on effective leadership and teaching methodologies.

According to the seasoned consultant, effective leadership is essential in every school, emphasising that not all who hold leadership positions are true leaders.

"A leader successfully influences their subordinates to achieve the school's vision and mission. Additionally, a leader is someone who is always in charge," Kolade said.

He added, "Leadership is about inspiring and empowering others to work together towards a common objective."

Kolade highlighted the important traits of an effective leader, emphasising a sense of responsibility and ownership. He explained that an effective leader does not pass blame or offer flimsy excuses when action is needed. Instead, they take ownership of everything that happens within the school.

Another trait mentioned was effective communication. He emphasised that a leader must possess the ability to articulate a clear vision, build trust, and motivate their followers.

He concluded that an effective leader must be able to manage themselves, their followers, and even the managers.

"To manage oneself as a leader, one must have good planning skills, be punctual and reliable. And to manage others, one must learn how to assign duties, motivate, assign roles, and be a role model," the consultant said.

Speaking about teaching methodologies, Kolade emphasised that every teacher must teach to facilitate understanding. He encouraged the teachers to adopt differentiation, a teaching method that accommodates every student.

"No learner should be left out. To achieve this, always relate your teaching to real-life situations," he advised, warning the teachers to desist from teaching in abstract.

The sessions were interesting and interactive.

Also in attendance at the training were the college Principal, Mr Sanni J.A.; the Senior School Vice-Principal, Mr Akerele B; and the Junior School Vice-Principal, Mr Lawal, T.W

Others present included various heads of departments, year tutors, and the college counsellor, Mrs. Odion-Ehigiator C.B.